Kolo Kamari is The 4thboss you face in Zuma's Revenge. He is known as "The Insect god of pesticilence" Due to his desire to Drain his prey's life with his insects.


Tiki boss in Zuma's Revenge

Description (Pre-Boss Battle screenEdit

The Vermin of the insect god Drained

the blood and life of their prey

Only a great blast of fire and noise

can drive the demon away


the Vermin of the insect god Drained 'the blood and life of their prey : He Drained the life on all who lived on the island

Only a great blast of fire and noise 'can drive the demon away: This Describes how to damage him in the battle


Kolo Kamari is one of the trickiest bosses in Zuma's RevengeEdit

Difficulty  : Medium  - Hard

Phase 1Edit

Kamari will just stay in the middle while firing insects that home in on you.

Phase 2Edit

Kamari will Start to teleport around the stage, making him harder to hit. he will get faster as he loses more hearts

How to Damage=Edit

Kamari can only be damaged by bomb balls exploding near him.As he eats normal balls you shoot at him


  • Kolo Kamari is one of the two bosses that can't be damaged by normal ball shots. </font></font>
    • He must be damaged by exploding Bombs near him.

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